Nippon Express | Export Growth Slows

Nippon Express moved 23,313 tons of outbound air cargo from Japan during October, 16.5% more than the same month of last year.

It was the fifth consecutive month of growth in 2017 for the Tokyo-headquartered multimodal logistics company. However, the level of increase has been falling since May when it registered an uptick of 42.4%, although the overall pattern for the year remains positive.

The company’s airfreight volumes coming into the country were up by 2.6% at 41,563 tons in October – a slight increase in comparison twith September’s flat result.

For the first 10 months of the year, total airfreight exports stood at 153,098 tons, a 25.1% increase, while air cargo imports totalled 277,129 tons, a 2.9% rise over 2016.


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