LogistCompare, marketplace for warehouse space


LogistCompare will launch in the United Kingdom. It’s an online marketplace for retail and e-commerce customers who are looking for warehouse space. It seems like a great timing, considering the busy holiday season is near and retailers might be looking for extra space for inventory.

On the website of LogistCompare it’s already possible to list available warehouse space, but whoever is interested in finding space, stumbles upon a “coming soon” notice. But when it’s live, customers should be able to enter their preferred location and space requirements and then receive a selection of warehouses and costs.

‘It suits the peak season needs of retailers’
According to managing director Serafina Valente, the service will particularly suit the peak season needs of retailers. “Retailers look for warehousing space often with short notice to cover seasonal demands and finding the right space at the right price can be challenging”, she says.

LogistCompare wants to let retailers and e-commerce companies compare rates, have them receive full cost breakdown with every quotation and let them chat with warehouse providers. It also wants to provide a mechanism for reviews and offer an easy and secure booking system.

Advertise free space in real time
The service will also let warehouses advertise their free space in real time and have them interact with potential clients. “With no third-party to slow the process down, there is the ability to speedily fulfill retail demand and access warehouse availability.”

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