New ERP system | Logisys

TNL acquire Softlink’s unique solution Logi-Sys. Logi-sys is a web-based comprehensive ERP application specially designed for Logistics Service Providers (LSP).

Logi-Sys integrates the entire functions of a logistics service provider and offers an enhanced level of flexibility enabling optimization of business processes. Logi-Sys is a feature-packed application that automates the processes with a view to enhance the efficiency in operations and reduce costs.

Softlink Global is focused on Simplifying Operations of its customers in logistics and international trade for nearly two decades by developing software products and solutions to meet their challenges.

Softlink has over 60,000 satisfied users in more than 3,000 organizations across the globe.

Exporters, Importers, Custom House Agents/ Customs Brokers, Freight Forwarders, NVOCCs, 3PL companies, IATA cargo agents, Air Freight and Sea Freight forwarding companies and other logistics service providers experience a true boost in productivity and operational efficiency through the use of our products. Our products deliver enhanced management control, revenue realization and accurate international trade documentation to users. We have studied, analyzed and fulfilled the needs of several types of organizations that make up the links of the logistics chain.

Over 80% custom house agents and customs brokers in India use Visual IMPEX, our flagship product. Over 90% renewals of product licenses prove that we have succeeded in the area of customer service and support.

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