JC Trans 3rd Global Freight Forwarding Summit 2014

JCtrans Summit 2014


The 3rd Global Freight Forwarding Conference 2014 launched by Jctrans Logistics Network is to be magnificently held at Crowne Plaza Shanghai Harbour City from 17 September to 19 September.


The theme of the conference is “friendship from all over the world, business connecting you and me”, which is in accordance with the spirit of previous conferences. Jctrans cordially invited over 400 well-known logistics enterprises from nearly 100 countries worldwide to attend and jointly discuss the industry development of fundamental importance. The summit will be launched via high-end forum, one-to-one meeting, name-card lunch, welcome banquet, free-trade zone tourism and lakeside cocktail so as to truly assist domestic and overseas enterprises to communicate deep and interact from a multi-angle aspect.


During the summit, the organizer specially invites doctoral supervisor Mr. Luo Wenping, professor of Economy and Management College of Shanghai Maritime University, as well as Secretary Mr. Shi Guorui, sub-division of free-trade zone of Shanghai International Shipping Centre Promotion Committee, to give speeches and share with attendees on how top logistics creates value and on the opportunities that Shanghai free-trade zone brings for enterprises. Moreover, Mr. Chengming, Jctrans Online Transaction project leader and Mrs. Zhengjiening, who is in charge of Jctrans Cooperation Risk Protection project will also give a full range of interpretation and analysis on how logistics enterprise realize transformation and development via internet and E-commerce, on how overseas freight forwarder reduce cooperation risk and how to successfully explore overseas market, etc.


Global Freight Forwarding Conference has been successfully launched for multiple times and also unanimously received favorable comments by insiders. This conference is aimed to break the industry barrier in order to increase enterprise exchanges and cooperation, create a sound opportunity for the whole industry background and provide excellent concept guidance for enterprise self-development and expansion. This platform will also allow insiders to exchange experiences and look through clients’ demand so as to realize win-win and progress.

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